Fire Hides Everywhere (novel, 2017)

"A rich, haunting and haunted, fever dream of a novel."
- Tom Lutz, novelist & Editor-in-Chief of the Los Angeles Review of Books

Published by Zero Books

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And We Came to Find It Beautiful (novella, 2015)

The next morning I drive towards Belém until the car runs out of gas and then walk. Vendors solicit me: corn, hot dogs, cachaça... through truck exhaust, delivering goods, passing billboards, undulating colors bright and soundless behind the snaking dust, heat, blood crust, black and flaking from the cloth...

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Even the Red Heron (novel, 2014)

Abilena is born to a British mother, American father, and addict brother. As chaos overtakes Caracas and her parents' marriage sinks into violence, Abi dreams of becoming an artist but finds herself having premonitions filled with bloodthirsty fauna.Even the Red Heron is a brutal and unflinching first person account of life in the Venezuelan middle class during the 1980s financial collapse. It depicts a dysfunctional family of expatriates forced to live in the liminal space between colonizer and colonized.

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